Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Escaping from Valentine's

For a single person who has no partner, Valentine's day is quite a spooky day. Where we will see what so called romantic couples everywhere with chocolates or flowers on their hands and lips to lips kissing each other. DISASTER for me (just trying to be dramatic).

To avoid those horrible sceneries in the town where I lived. I decided to go for a short escaped with some other single friends to see the longest suspension bridger in our country which located in Sukabumi, West Java.

The area located not too far from Jakarta. 7 hours driving or 5 hours by public transportation, train and angkot*.

We started the journey by taking a train city to Bogor station from Kota Jakarta which took about an hour then move to another train station named Bogor Paledang station (7 minutes walking from Bogor Station) taking to Sukabumi direction and we stop at Cisaat station.

As arrived the area called Situ Gunung, we need to pay the entrance 50,000 IDR for one person. The ticket gate opened from 7 am.

This 250 meter long suspension bridge is worth to be visited with terrific scenery along the way. Make sure you come early to get better pictures and freshness air. If you keep going crossing the bridge following the path. You will get to see the river in the middle of jungle. Which I didn't go there just to keep it for my next trip when I coming back there again, for sure.

*angkot is a public transportation that look like a city car with modifed seat to be able covering for 9 to 10 passengers. 

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