Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Probably. It's gonna be my last post for this year (will be such busy gembel on December to January for South East Asia trip) . I'll close this year with my self being taken by my friend Vickaboo. An impromptu shot in, still the same location with my previous post, Thamrin Residence, Central Jakarta. Under the lamp-light, me, topless (yea, I know I'm sexy while topless), holding the cigarette. I edited the photo with orange effect yet smoke, so, here is my photo.

So, say something about this photo. Drop your comments below. Thank you.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fancy "Gembel"

Two months feels like two years for me. I know this blog seems being neglected by me, but now here am again, with new post which mean new photo.

This time, I'm not act as a photographer but as a model. Well, accidentally as a model. So, last Sunday on October 14th. Me, and two of my friends (R n V) went to Thamrin Residence to have our sports time. Then again, when I tried to do tanning, laying on tanning bed near to swimming pool. My friend, V, who is a professional photographer asked me to do a little bit pose (since he brought his canon 1000D DSLR camera). Trying to be nice, I did what he asked, and guess what, either he is a real professional photographer or I have that what-so-called-talent as a model, the picture was perfect. GREAT.

Here is the photo. We called it Fancy "Gembel". 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hello Sunset !!!

Sunset, never fails to amaze me. It just somehow become a magic moment for me, it makes me always feel calm and relax. This time, I got lucky to be able to captured the sunset moment. The beautiful sunset did a great job, coloring the sky with red, orange, yellow and black, making the sky has it's great color combination. Don't you think so ?

Anyway, I took the picture from 5th floor of my friend's apartment, Thamrin Residence, Central Jakarta, with my brother's camera Canon EOS Kiss X4.

Saturday, August 11, 2012


Tadjil or takjilsweet food eaten upon breaking the fast. The first picture is Kolak Pisang, basically it's sweet compote made of starchy fruits (cassava, bananas, etc.) stewed in coconut milk and sugar*. The second picture is date palm fruits, which famous called kurma in Indonesia. 

I took those two pictures like three or four weeks a go, when I was a marketing communication of an international cafe in Jakarta. I did these photo for their material promotion. Actually there were 6 (six) photos selected to be their material promotion, but I don't really feel the four other pictures are good to be shown to this blog. Hehhee...

So, how is it ? 


Thursday, August 9, 2012



See picture's caption 'Trio GEMBEL' that's what we called ourselves. Gembel could mean beggar or homeless in English. Well, we're not real gembel literally, but we just people who loves to share. Remember, share !! For example, like when we're hung out with our friends in a cafe or pub. We tend to ordered one big drinks for the three of us (it's cheaper right ?). It's not because we don't have money (though we don't have it sometimes, yes). It just we want be more wise to spend our money.

There were a time, when we visited our friend's apartment in the very central of Jakarta. We swimmed and played tennis there, along with our friend who is a photographer. After we finished with those kind of activities, we had some photo sessions couple meters before going to parking lot. It was a very spontaneous, unprepared but still bring a great white and black photo of trio gembel.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Color in Old

Yesterday, me and family went to Sunda Kelapa Harbour, in Old Town area, North Jakarta. My sister just came from Taiwan, before she's going back to her hometown NTT, me along with others come as guide to take her explored the big city, Jakarta.

An hour before the sun went down, we arrived in Sunda Kelapa. Seeing here and there around about 20 minutes, we started taking pictures for documentation. About to going back home, I saw hundred colorful oil tanks neatly arranged. I asked my sister to get my picture right in front of those tanks, I love the colors combination, what a great contrast, isn't it ? between the old area town and the bright colors of those dirty tanks.

Here is the picture. * Would love to go to that place again, for hunting pictures.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Toys in Drama

Mt first post in this 2012, so, I wanna say Happy New Year to all of you. Talking about 2011, what your best thing which happened last year ? For me, all things was really great in 2011, but if I have to choose one, traveled to Bali - NTB - NTT would be my favorite thing ever happened last year. How about resolution ? I just want to be a better humanbeing. That's all.

Enough with resolution and recap things. Now, I want to show my latest pictures, I took these pictures at my home, the first picture is two keyhains of mine and mini-house of mine. The second one is my niece's barbie, mini eiffel tower of mine, and big cow doll of my sister's. 

** all photos taken with Canon EOS Kiss x4

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