Friday, February 26, 2016

Living My New Part of Life


It's 2016. Been almost a month I've been here in New York City, United States of America. Many new experiences come hit me perfectly and nicely. For the first time in my life I travel outside Asian country, for the first time in my life I touch snow which look so good on television but not in reality (too cold for me), for the first time in my life of this and that many more.

The main point of getting here to NYC is visiting my brother who works here since two years a go, other than just giving my self a long-term of holiday, my brother, he enrolled me to one of photography school here which I told him that photography is one of my biggest passion so far.

So now, here I am learning about it, photography, from the very fundamental basic theory to practical of various kind of shoots. Uploading some of of them, lesson I got from school, captured band's perfoemance in one of nice bar in lower east side of Manhattan.



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