Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rumah Bolon

things in my room.
This is a miniature of Bataknese traditional house, which called Rumah Bolon. Bataknese* is one of hundred ethnics in Indonesia, located on North Sumatera. I'm not really sure when did I bought this thing, but I'm pretty sure I bought it when I still on my Junior High School ages**.
About this photoshot, I made my brother's bed as a background (see the white things around the miniature, it's explain anything) and also used my brother's camera*** , which I hated so much. You know, the more I learn taking pictures with DSLR the more I want to have it. 

p.s :
* you can click here to find out what Batak is about. CLICK!!
** it's about eight years (or more) ago
*** Canon EOS Kiss X4

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bangkok, I'm in Love

Bangkok I'm in Love. A perfect title for this post. Here is the story behind this post's title, about two weeks a go me and couple of my friends had a great oppurtunity visited Bangkok, a beautiful city located in Thailand. I can say my five days four nights with my friends in Bangkok was so much glorious, joyful and fun, and yes of course I can say for sure, I'm in love with this city, so fuckin in love. Seriously, a beautiful city, has it's own unique. If you ask 'so, do u want to go there if you have that luck again ?' , with very confident I'll say 'oh yea of course, if people being asked with a same question who will say no anyway ?' ..

So sorry but I have no things to bring back as 'oleh-oleh' for you guys, these photos the one I bring for all of you (there will be more pictures from Bangkok next post). Keep update and be curious !!!

the first picture was taken with my blackberry curve 8520 a.k.a BB gemini , and the rest taken with my LUMIX ^^


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