Tuesday, April 19, 2011

my editorial-wannabe photoshots

LOL, but hey, don't even dare to laughing and mocking on me. Well, okay, I ain't a proffesional model, so what ? I don't think my photos are that bad at all, I quite confidence to compare my photos to those editorial on famous magazines (yea, I'm that overconfidence).

I'll show you these three photos (actually, I had much more than these three, but think am gonna give you the rest next) which are taken by my brother, Elyas Tampubolon. Digital imaged by Me. Model ? who else ? it's me *saying proudly*.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Love to Kill

What a good mood I have lately to posting something to this blog. It less than a week, but now I back here again with new photo and new story of course.

So, the story of this pic is about a young man who either desperate and psycho, who loves to kill so badly. After kills a lot, he goes even more desperate and in the end, he wanting to kill himself. So tragic, isn't it ? (p.s: the knife is real).

The model was me, art director was me, photographed by my brother, digital imaged by me and my brother.

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