Monday, January 27, 2014

This is Jakarta

2014. It means my blog will come in to a fifth year. Many things happened in my life yet in my blogging mood. From a very strong-desire to update more, in to ah-okay-at-least-i-post-something-this-year or whatsocalled lazy, but, now here I am again, coming to this blog present you guys my latest photos that I took couple weeks a go.

This year, I will not promise will post more on this blog, let see, but I promise one thing, that, I will not abandon this lovely blog.

So, about the pictures I post now, it's two picture about Jakarta. The one is roof of Museum Jakarta during the day and night, another one is icon of Jakarta, Ondel-ondel (see this for explanation what is ondel-ondel click!) and Monas.


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