Monday, August 1, 2011

I made it

Things in my room, suppose to be my annual post every month, but then again, I lost my mood and it's been eight months since my last post about this project, things in my room. Now, I doing this post again, but I don't even dare to promise this post gonna be obligatory posting every month. I just tryin to continue them which I've started last year. 

For this posting now, I took a picture of my-handmade statue or doll or whatever you want to call it. I made this blue thing about couple weeks ago, made from paper + water + glue, emm..what do we call this ingredient in English ? is it pulp ? or paper porridge ? Well, you tell me. The things is, when I made this blue was the time when I have nothing to do. My school still off, I just came back from my holiday trip so there were no part-time job for me yet, and I think like why don't I make something stupid thing to spend those boring time I had. Here we go, the blue thing I made. Frickin ugly? yes it is. 


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