Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Documentary Film Festival Southeast Asia 2014 
April 22 - 27, 2014

is a documentary film festival which focus on Asia and South East Asia to be more specific. It's main purpose is to help Asian documentary filmmakers, not only bringing their names to the world, but also helping them to know this industry in details with DocNet Campus program. "We want to be a platform for a documentary film maker, especially those are from Southeast Asia to be known world wide, because they are need to be promoted," said Amelia Hapsari, Managing Director Chopshots Documentary Film Festival Southeast Asia 2014.

The second year of the festival has received more than 200 documentary films from 49 countries, this shows how the interests and skills of documentary filmmaking in Asia have awakened strong.

With a very nice story yet great music scoring opening film JALANAN, which directed by Daniel Ziv on 22nd of April 2014, Chopshots Documentary Film Festival Southeast Asia 2014 are ready to show you realities of different countries and cultures around the world, which are unique.

To you guys who want to know more details about the film festival, please do reach their site on Chopshots or call (021) 23550208 ext. 147.

Let's Chop the Shots and Be Inspired !!!

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