Monday, February 28, 2011


The line on t-shirt 'KORUPSSI' is about creative mad expression to Indonesia's Football Federation, which called PSSI. There were rumours (that most of Indonesian folks believe as a fact) about this football federation are conquered by a corrupt leader. So, my friends (Eaz and Dhenygiving their creative expression making this such a beautiful t-shirt.

The concept of this photo is about a person who known for corruption, but still got big confidence to stand still because he had 'bigger' people who will stand behind him and got his back.

Feel like need to take one or two photos of the t-shirt, Eaz asked me to snap it for promotional need, so I did it. Due it was with no preparation, no time to find a person with model look or something, so, instead find a model, I ask Eaz become the model, and also a lot thank to Resty and Puspita who are so happily approved my request asking them to let their hands participated as part-models, lol.
p.s : I used Resty's DSLR camera, Nikon.

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