Monday, January 31, 2011

Jeans Advertisement (wannabe)

So, last friday. Me, and 4 of my friends are havin photosession. Such a great time, and also greats results (i think). Plenty of photos are taken by me, but these one are the best for me. It consists of three photos basically. The foot part, the head part and full body. Once seeing the pictures, I got an idea to make a wannabe jeans adv.

So, what do you think guys ? Critics are welcome.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Love in Lost

Last week, January 17, 2011 for sure. I had a photosession with my friends, Eaz, Dheny and Rezty. It took a former hotel building in Cileungsi, named 'Komplek Graha Garuda Tiara' as our location. It used 'Garuda'-word because the building it self look like Garuda bird from the top. You can click this link for the picture and this if you want to know details story behind Garuda mithology.

Okay, enough about the location. The point is I do really had a great time with my bestfriends, more good news was that I got few great photos of Dheny and Rezty. I didn't took much pictures of Eaz, due to he was also acted as a photographer that day, using Resty's camera. He has not upload yet his shots, well, you all can keep your eyes to his blog for update.

Now, let me show you what did I got from that photosession. Here they are 'Love in Lost' :

Fyi, I used Canon Eos Kiss X4 for this photosession. All the photos are taken by me and also fully edited by me. Credits to the model, give big applauses to Dheny and Resty, who are so nice and kind willing to be my free model.

Monday, January 17, 2011


Last week, my brother James bought grandma a wheelchair. Don't ask me what's that wheelchair use for!!. The day when me, my brother Juara and James taking the wheelchair to our mom's house (my mom and grandma are live together since last year), I asked Juara to  took a picture of me while posing on my grandma's wheelchair.

So, this is it. Picture of my self, taken by my brother Juara Elyas and full edited by me.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hidden Sunset

I took it with my bro's camera, Canon EOS Kiss X4. The location is near to Shuttle Busway Transjakarta Dukuh Atas 2. It's an unfinished-building, been abandoned for more than ten years. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Who we are ? We are family

BIG brotha and me. The photo taken about two years a go by my brother, Elyas Tampubolon. It was a great moment for the three of us and I bet it'll be one of those pictures which will be laugh-to-remembered when we old. Oh yea, just fyi, my big brotha's name is James Tampubolon.

How bout you guys ? do u guys have a happy-moment-photo with your relatives ? Do tell me, or you could upload link on the comment box.

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