Monday, October 31, 2011

Shine in The Night

Last week, I joined the two of my friends, Monte and Mia accompanied our friends from Singapore, Charllote and also Nicholas from US walking around Monas, Central Jakarta. That was Charllote's last day to spent in Jakarta, after sightseeing around Monas, we sent her to Gambir Station to get bus to the airport.

Then, we separated our selves with Nicholas who going back to his 'kos' near to Semanggi area. By the way, Nicholas is a scholarship student of Bahasa Indonesia in Atmajaya University, Jakarta. So, Nicholas back to his kos, me, Monte, and Mia continued our day to Istiqlal Mosque, which located right in front of Cathedral Catholic Church. Istiqlal known as the biggest Mosque in South East Asia.

Finally for over 15 years lives in Jakarta, I made it, I finally entered Istiqlal Mosque, and I feel so happy for that. The most famous mosque in Indonesia, probably in South East Asia, why wouldn't I be happy ? The mosque is really, really beautiful. I take some pictures there, will definitely post onto this blog, but not now. Today, am gonna post Cathedral Catholic Church, which I took it from Istiqlal Mosque, second floor.

How do you think ? There is still shine in the night, right ? I took it with my Canon Power Shot A3000 IS.


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