Monday, January 30, 2012

Toys in Drama

Mt first post in this 2012, so, I wanna say Happy New Year to all of you. Talking about 2011, what your best thing which happened last year ? For me, all things was really great in 2011, but if I have to choose one, traveled to Bali - NTB - NTT would be my favorite thing ever happened last year. How about resolution ? I just want to be a better humanbeing. That's all.

Enough with resolution and recap things. Now, I want to show my latest pictures, I took these pictures at my home, the first picture is two keyhains of mine and mini-house of mine. The second one is my niece's barbie, mini eiffel tower of mine, and big cow doll of my sister's. 

** all photos taken with Canon EOS Kiss x4

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