Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Twins But Not

I just checked my flashdisk, cheked my photos collection and I found this one that I really love. Seriously, I lovin this photo so much, the photo were taken  about last January, 2010 and as I remembered, this photo  taken about couple days after I bought my very first own digital camera, Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FS42. Inside photo are my second sister (up) and my nephew (down) from my first sister. At that time, my sister was hospitalized, so me, my brother, my nephew and his mother (my first sister) are comin to give a visit.

See their eyes, aren't they look the same ? 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Things In My Room

Twenty days, that's how long I haven't post in this blog. Not because I have nothing to post about, or I'm too lazy to do it, it just because my college student status is really taking almost my days, lecturers starts giving assignements every single week, can't u believe it ? despite that, me with my friend and my brother had quite a busy time couple days a go. We (HutaHita Fotografia) had a photoshot, so my friend who is a catwalk model ask us to take her pictures to renewing her portfolio. So, we made it. The photoshot was really a fun time yet crazy time (we had almost 6 hours of photoshot), but then again, we happy for the results. Want to see them ? just click here.

Anyway, today, I have my 'mini house' (I got it from my friend's wedding, couple years a go). I love the color, it's so colorfull and cheerfull. What do you think ?

p.s :  I use my brother's camera. It's Canon EOS Kiss X4

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