Monday, July 25, 2011

On STAGE JavaRockin'Land 2011

I never been to JavaRockinLand Concert before, but, lucky angels seems stood still their feet on my head. This year I got a chance to go see this annual biggest rock music festival in Indonesia. The event itself has been going on since three years ago, 2009, so this year was it's third time festival. You know what ? I get the ticket for FREE.

Now, let me tell you guys how can I got the tickets for free. Couple days before the day, one of the promoter's account twitter tweet about to give free tickets to his followers. Thank God, he tweeted the quiz about one o'clock in the morning, it means less followers still awake that time, means my chance to get the tickets getting bigger, rite ? I got two tickets from the quiz. It was really-really unbelievable. I got tickets are worth about 2,5 million idr. It was a BIG SHOT for me, self-proclaimed as one of those kuishunter (quizhunter) on twitterland.

Well, enough about the story and these are photos I got for you all.

THE CRANBERRIES - Dolores O'Riordan

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Back again to this blog. Almost two months with out any single post here, now me, the one and only owner of this blog (so what ?) back again with new posting. Are you happy right now ? I know that you guys have been waiting for my comeback (what a super self-confidence there).

This time, am giving you all picture of roofs, giving you four pictures at a time. Here they are :


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