Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dieng Plateau, Wonosobo

Queuing for the sunrise.

Looking back to eight months a go, I traveled to Dieng Plateau in Wonosobo, Central Java. It was a bus-twelve-hours-driving to go and need almost the same time to get back from Dieng Plateau to Jakarta. I was a tour guide for about twenty-something bank officers in Jakarta, so, the best part of this traveling was I got paid.

That time was the first time ever in my life to leave footprints in a marshy plateau that forms the floor of a caldera complex on the Dieng Volcanic Complex, which sits at 2,000 meters above sea level. What I can say about this plateau is just wow. Wow for the good-cold weather there, wow for the view that I never had before, wow for the unique-taste-yet-shape fruits there, and hundreds more wow for hundreds more good things I got there.

In a very early morning, me and the tour, hiking the plateau to hunt the sunrise, we did it even though it wasn't that great sunrise, but I still got my best-picture at that moment. I captured people queuing step on small stairs before reaching the highest place to see the sunrise with my Canon EOS Kiss X4 camera. What do you think ?


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