Thursday, August 9, 2012



See picture's caption 'Trio GEMBEL' that's what we called ourselves. Gembel could mean beggar or homeless in English. Well, we're not real gembel literally, but we just people who loves to share. Remember, share !! For example, like when we're hung out with our friends in a cafe or pub. We tend to ordered one big drinks for the three of us (it's cheaper right ?). It's not because we don't have money (though we don't have it sometimes, yes). It just we want be more wise to spend our money.

There were a time, when we visited our friend's apartment in the very central of Jakarta. We swimmed and played tennis there, along with our friend who is a photographer. After we finished with those kind of activities, we had some photo sessions couple meters before going to parking lot. It was a very spontaneous, unprepared but still bring a great white and black photo of trio gembel.

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