Saturday, October 8, 2011

I catch Phuket

Last month, I spent my five days in Phuket with another nine good friends. From September 25th until 30th, I really thank God givin me opportunity to come to this great island. I might not visit Phi phi island or James Bond island, but I tell you what ? I'm seriously had a great experienced there in Phuket. Met new friends, tasted local food made by local people, drinks a lot, tried marijuana (just a little bit), explored numerous great places there and so many others thing.

It was my second time visited Thailand, and I can say that I love even more with this country. Definitely, will going back again to visit Thailand. While waiting me get enough money to go there again, now, here are what I got for you guys from Phuket.

p.s :
- pic 1 : Statue in Wat Suwan Khiri (it's in Patong Beach area, near to Nanai Road)
- pic 2 'n 3 : Window and Roof of Wat Chalong (located in Mueang Phuket district)
- pic 4 'n 5 : Vegetarian Food Festival in Phuket Town

*all pictures taken by me with Canon Power Shot A3000 IS
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