Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rumah Bolon

things in my room.
This is a miniature of Bataknese traditional house, which called Rumah Bolon. Bataknese* is one of hundred ethnics in Indonesia, located on North Sumatera. I'm not really sure when did I bought this thing, but I'm pretty sure I bought it when I still on my Junior High School ages**.
About this photoshot, I made my brother's bed as a background (see the white things around the miniature, it's explain anything) and also used my brother's camera*** , which I hated so much. You know, the more I learn taking pictures with DSLR the more I want to have it. 

p.s :
* you can click here to find out what Batak is about. CLICK!!
** it's about eight years (or more) ago
*** Canon EOS Kiss X4
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