Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Model Wannabe ?

When I opened up my flickr account few hours a go, I got laughed when saw my old photos from last year and this photo was one of those many photos in my flickr just made me laugh. By the theme, actually this is not a funny-style photo, it suppose yes it was mean to be a fashion-style photo and thats the point, it so funny seeing my self with my friends act as like we all a real model for some editorial of magazines. For information, when we shot this photo, yes we laughed so many, many, many times tried to made those bitchy-look model. Almost forgot, FYI, this photo was made for HutaHita fotografia portfolio.

The photoshot taken by Elyas Tampubolon, which my brother yet my co-owner on our photographer line along with my friend Deddy Samuel. The two others models are my best friends, Dewi Maria (female) and Hirman Hutagalung (male), and for the digital editor was my self.

kota with huta_five

p.s : the photoshot took Kota Tua Jakarta area as location. 


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