Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fancy "Gembel"

Two months feels like two years for me. I know this blog seems being neglected by me, but now here am again, with new post which mean new photo.

This time, I'm not act as a photographer but as a model. Well, accidentally as a model. So, last Sunday on October 14th. Me, and two of my friends (R n V) went to Thamrin Residence to have our sports time. Then again, when I tried to do tanning, laying on tanning bed near to swimming pool. My friend, V, who is a professional photographer asked me to do a little bit pose (since he brought his canon 1000D DSLR camera). Trying to be nice, I did what he asked, and guess what, either he is a real professional photographer or I have that what-so-called-talent as a model, the picture was perfect. GREAT.

Here is the photo. We called it Fancy "Gembel". 


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