Friday, October 4, 2013

Ida Susilowati

May ? That was the last time I posted something to this lovely blog ? Slap me for that. I feel like abandoned my own baby. Ups.

Okay, so, actually I've been so busy for these couple months. Doing an observation for my future-work, and also busying (is it even a word in English ?) myself with an international event in South Sumatera. But, here I am again, about to show you guys my latest photo-work with my sister.

Started with stupid conversation, when I trolled an idea to my sister to make her become my model, with no hesitation, she said yes. So, blah, these what I got from her. Trying to be photosession-professional-model, here I present to you guys, my sister-yet-my-partner-in-crime, Ida Susilowati.


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