Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Friend's Photo

Let me clear about some points, first : the photo taken not by me, but by my friend Rezty, who used my camera. She uploaded it soon after she took the photo to her personal blog here. Second : when I saw it, I thought it will be great if I used it for my experiment or digital imaging learn on Photoshop. So, there is, the photo after digital imaging by me. How do you think about this digital imaging ? you can click here, if you want to see the original picture. 

Anyway, how did your weekend guys ? did you had a great time ? I hope you did. 


reztycira said...

lg demen ngebrush ni ank =))

nando.gino said...

>,< itu yg brush kn cuma yg wrna kuning doank,,sisahnya engga =))

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