Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Melancholy Girl

Here I am with new photo post. Photo of my friend Rezty , taken by herself then asked me to edit the photo. So, I tried my best, and this is it the before and after  (first photo was the original and the second one edited by me) and fyi, I named the photo 'Melancholy Girl' :


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Green Hunting

Yesterday, I did hunting photo by myself with Samsung ES19*. Traveling around the city to captured some great views and above is one of some pictures* I got. The location was near from UKI bus stop, East Jakarta, right under the highway. I did a small edited to this photo, and this is it the 'green hunting'.

* I used my friend's camera, Samsung ES19, yup still with compact digital camera. 

*Actually I have some pictures from yesterday, but I think am gonna upload the rest on this thursday

Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Friend's Photo

Let me clear about some points, first : the photo taken not by me, but by my friend Rezty, who used my camera. She uploaded it soon after she took the photo to her personal blog here. Second : when I saw it, I thought it will be great if I used it for my experiment or digital imaging learn on Photoshop. So, there is, the photo after digital imaging by me. How do you think about this digital imaging ? you can click here, if you want to see the original picture. 

Anyway, how did your weekend guys ? did you had a great time ? I hope you did. 

Friday, June 25, 2010

The White Shiro In Black 'n White

Oh no, its friday, one day dalayed from the day I should post this black and white theme photo. Actually I've tried to post it yesterday, but due connection error so I can't upload the photo. How about that ? is my explanation can make an exception, and would you all forgive me for this late ?

This is my puppy. Named Shiro, age about three months. Cute right ? anyway I took it with my Lumix DMC FS42.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sunset at Halimun - I Won !!!

What a day for me, yesterday I won 3 quizes. First free ticket from AirAsia, than shoping voucher VNC and the good one was camera case Lowerpro Adventura 120 from photo contest imaginaction. So this photo contest held by Surya 16 Eksklusif Imaginaction, its like pre-contest before the big one here , they claimed it as the biggest photo contest in Indonesia for this year. So, what I won yesterday ? I won the 2nd winner for 'Nature' theme, a little bit for info, actually I have no interest to join the competition but my friend Rezty forced me to enter my 'sunset at halimun' photo to the contest two hours before the closing time, and guess what ? Lucky me to won the 2nd position. First I felt like have no confidence due I used a very ordinary digital camera from Panasonic Lumix meanwhile the other contestans used their DSLR cameras, but looks like the goddess of fortune was supporting me. lol.

Okay enough about the bla-bla-bla words, so this is my 'sunset at halimun' photo which won the 2nd winner.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Oldtime Black and White

Me at my first year in elementary school. Ugh,,really I can't stop my laugh, seeing this picture remind me of my childhood, the time when still pee in pants, the time when cried loud when my parents angry, the time when kite and marbles are the most famous games, etc. 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Monas Sunset

The photo sunset taken last April, it's a view of Monasfrom stasion gambir's parking lot. I felt so lucky to have the moment.

* Monas is Indonesia's famous landmark located on Indonesia's Capital City, Jakarta

Gold Beetle

I found this unique beetle near from my house at Cileungsi. I say unique, 'cause that was my first time saw beetle like this, a full gold body color with transparent wings, don't you think ? Anyway, I took this with my LUMIX.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Innocence in Black and White

Wow, day ran so fast now. I felt like it was yesterday when I posted my last b/w theme photo, and now it's thursday again ? fuihhh........ But hey, need no to complaint about. What's my b/w photo for today ? I have my photoself black and white (again it's myself potrait). I took the pictures couple months ago (yes, I took it by my self) with my Lumix.

Take your calm down about the picture, I'm not naked here. I use pants. Don't get your nasty thoughts ruin your head. LOL. So, what do you think guys ? not bad huh ?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ordinary thing

Yea, I'm about to post just an ordinary picture, picture of my pets. I took it with my corby samsung txt and its indoor captured at seven pm about 3 days ago. Please, don't blame me for the bad resolution, no ? I've did my best for this mobile-taking picture.

Ups, almost forgot to introduce my pet's name. So, the white name is Shiro and the brown one is Jedi (actually Jedi is my brother's)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Beauty of Belitung

These pictures below from my backpacked to Belitung* on last February with my friends Eaz, Dede and Rizma. Hope you guys enjoy.

Here are the first pictures that I took with my Lumix. Anyway, the beauty of this Islands was no joke !




Thursday, June 3, 2010

B/W for Thursday - Ethnic Edition

Yayyyy,,,its thursday already, happy for this day. Asking why ? you know, thursday means black-and-white theme of photo-posting and that's what I'm going to do now.

So, what do I have for this time ? I have another old photo (still from me, my self potrait), the photo shot by my brother Elyas Tampubolon about three or four years a go. He shot me with his very old digital camera from Kodak (I didn't remember which type of Kodak the camera was used by my brother), and got our room as the location - yup, I shared room with my brother.

* I wore Ulos (Batak's traditional cloth) to covered my head and neck and white shirt, which I bought from Senen Secondhanded Clothes Market, Central Jakarta.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Model Wannabe ?

When I opened up my flickr account few hours a go, I got laughed when saw my old photos from last year and this photo was one of those many photos in my flickr just made me laugh. By the theme, actually this is not a funny-style photo, it suppose yes it was mean to be a fashion-style photo and thats the point, it so funny seeing my self with my friends act as like we all a real model for some editorial of magazines. For information, when we shot this photo, yes we laughed so many, many, many times tried to made those bitchy-look model. Almost forgot, FYI, this photo was made for HutaHita fotografia portfolio.

The photoshot taken by Elyas Tampubolon, which my brother yet my co-owner on our photographer line along with my friend Deddy Samuel. The two others models are my best friends, Dewi Maria (female) and Hirman Hutagalung (male), and for the digital editor was my self.

kota with huta_five

p.s : the photoshot took Kota Tua Jakarta area as location. 

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