Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sunset at Halimun - I Won !!!

What a day for me, yesterday I won 3 quizes. First free ticket from AirAsia, than shoping voucher VNC and the good one was camera case Lowerpro Adventura 120 from photo contest imaginaction. So this photo contest held by Surya 16 Eksklusif Imaginaction, its like pre-contest before the big one here , they claimed it as the biggest photo contest in Indonesia for this year. So, what I won yesterday ? I won the 2nd winner for 'Nature' theme, a little bit for info, actually I have no interest to join the competition but my friend Rezty forced me to enter my 'sunset at halimun' photo to the contest two hours before the closing time, and guess what ? Lucky me to won the 2nd position. First I felt like have no confidence due I used a very ordinary digital camera from Panasonic Lumix meanwhile the other contestans used their DSLR cameras, but looks like the goddess of fortune was supporting me. lol.

Okay enough about the bla-bla-bla words, so this is my 'sunset at halimun' photo which won the 2nd winner.


narti said...

selamat ya...(walau telat)
walau pakai DLSR tapi tergantung makainya juga ya?
buktinya nando menang walau hanya pakai kamera saku. Ini motonya dari jembatan/naik perahu?

nando.gino said...

Hahai..thanks ya mba narti ^^

ini aku motonya di jembatannya, gak naik perahu. Ini kan sbelumnya lagi naik Transjakarta (busway), nah pas liat ini sunset lgsung turun di halte halimun, pdhal harusnya turun di dukuh atas buat pulang T_T , wlau cape seharian jalan dan telat sampai rumah terbayarkan dengan hasil photonya ^^

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