Friday, December 31, 2010


The photos taken by my brother, Elyas Tampubolon. It's me and my friend whom yesterday watched live for final match AFF Suzuki Cup Indonesia versus Malaysia at Gelora Bung Karno (GBK) Stadium, Jakarta. It was amazing match with awesome euphoria from Indonesians !!! Yeah that's true that we were not the champion for AFF Suzuki Cup 2010, but we won the match yesterday, it was 2 for Indonesia and 1 for Malaysia.

- First Picture is me at my room before going to stadium. I used red t-shirt, red shoe, black jeans, Indonesia National Flag and Ulos (batak traditional clotch) as a costume.
- Me with my two best college friends, Imanuel and Bayu. 
- (from left to right) : Hanif, Imam, Rizma, Me and Dheny.

and just like what Cipu's said, it will be better if I put pictures of a whole stadium, guess what ? I have these two pictures. First one was euphoria outside the stadium, and the second one is 3 hours before the match began.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

There are keychains in my room

Keychains are my new collection. It started about couple months a go, when I had a holiday in Vietnam and about to buy souvenir for I bring to Jakarta. At that time, I saw keychain, and I starts to love it, quite unique and eye-catching, but the most important that I love from keychain is it's size, small, so make it the most practise yet simple souvenir to carrry, isn't it ? Since then, everytime I traveling I always buy keychain for my collection (yet there are also some keychains are given by friends).

Little bit explanation, the orange devil and the elephant wood are from Thailand, the orange devil I bought when I traveled to Bangkok last September, the elephant wood I got from my friend. Green People I bought from Vietnam last August. Eiffel Tower I got from my sister, she bought while she was traveling to Paris from her office. University of Toronto was given by my friend from Canada who is college student there. Last but not the least, The one look like crab's claw I bought from Belitung Islands couple weeks a go. 

Anyway, I used my brother's camera, it was Canon EOS Kiss X4.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Beauty of Belitung (again)'s quite a long time haven't posted anything yet to my lovely blog and I really miss you all guys.

I want give something I brought from Belitung couple days a go. Belitung ? Yes, I went there again* for about a week and just got back to Jakarta couple days a go. What can I say about my trip to Belitung ? All I can say is 'WOW'. Yup, Belitung still can amazed me. From It's beauty beaches, the people, foods, very fresh air, and so many other things that will make thousand words if I listed here.

No, no, I am not forgetting you all, in fact I bring my photos for you guys to see. Do treat your eyes by seeing this beautiful pictures (oh not intend to be narcist), do write me if you have any questions about Belitung, how to get there, where to stay there, etc and I will be happy to help you guys with my answer.

Well, no need any words again, here they are the photos I bring special for my readers.

p.s :
- First picture is a Dam Pice. The dam was built in 1936 - 1939 with architect named 'Sir Vance' which his name used to call this dam 'vence' become 'pice'.
- Second picture was a viewed from the top of Lighthouse in Lengkuas Island. 
- Third picture is called Kao Lin Lake. It's not a real lake actually it's an ex tin mine. 
- Fourth picture is called Pig Island, near enough from Lengkuas Island.
- Fifth picture is Seruu beach. It's located in Membalong area. The best thing from this beach is not so popular among the tourists, so we can still enjoy the very nature beauty of this beach. The wave quite calm, it just a perfect beach in my opinion. 
* Click HERE to see photos from my first time traveled to Belitung.

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