Thursday, October 22, 2015

When Life Get's Boring

Try new things !

Finally back again to post something new, a new fun, new photos and new learned. It was two months a go. I feel bored a 'lil bit with my days of life, about to go somewhere but have no idea at all that time. Suddenly friends inviting me to joined them to go hiking to a mountain in Garut, West Java, around 7 hours driving to reached.

I never go hiking before, I more into beach than mountain, but I don't want to limit my interest on traveling just like that. So I jumped into my friends idea, and went hiking for the first time in my life ever, and the best plus moment it was my country, Indonesia Independence Day. So, we celebrate it exactly when the sun was rise beautifully. I felt so awesome that time.

It wasn't that 'high' mountain, well according to my friend who did hiking for the umpteenth time, it just 2,249 meters above the sea. But the track it self crazily insanely super hard. Small rocks mixed with dusty sand will definitely kills your shoes. Less trees made the mountain very arid, the sun right above our head extremely stabbing the bones through our skins.When people took 6 to 7 hours to get to it's summit, me took almost 10 hours. It's very tiring, but a beautiful sunrise I got the next day (me and friends camp on the summit) has paid all my tiring and complaints.

One thing for sure that I knew better after, that sometimes we have to pass through difficult tracks and time to get the best result at the end.

I thank myself who get bored at that time and knocked yes to my friend's invitation. My life was super, is super and will always be super. Cheers !

p.s : I took all those photos with my new phone, OnePlus One.
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