Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Working-Holiday

Traveling, always been addicting to me, at least since four years a go. As now, am traveling again for a month in Thailand, from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. With a very minim budget, I still forced my self to keep traveling wherever it is.

When Thailand as a destination for this traveling. I start rolled-over my brain, thinking how to get survived while traveling with money less than 150 $ for a month. I recalled to my self, and I got the answer. I was thinking what about selling myself as photograper to get a short of money.

So, days before I leave to Thailand, I sent messages to all my friends who lives in Thailand, promoting my coming, and guess what I got ? I got three clients before the Day. Two are in Chiang Mai, one in Bangkok. Because of them, me and my friend can finally still survive untill now, where our trip will be ended up on 7th of May.

Here are two clients that I took the pictures in Chiang Mai (the male client's name is Beer, Laos man who has lived in Thailand for ten years, the female is Nogni, the Holland girl who teaching English in Chiang Mai, Thailand for almost two years):

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