Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Killer

A tank that U.S armies used in Vietnam War. A big war that killed millions people, total victims in this war was more than four millions people died. Can you imagine what war will give you ? full of destroy and full of proverty, still you want war happen again ? No right ? From now on, please do respectful to others, and bring peace to every easpects of you life. Cause life is more beautiful with peace than war.

Anyway, I took the photo when I travelled to Ho Chi Minch City, Vietnam, two days a go. I visited War Remnants Museum, there I got this photo.

Details photo  :
Camera : DMC- FS42
F-stop : f/2.8
Exposure time : 1/30 sec.
ISO Speed : ISO 400
Focal length : 6 mm
Max aperture : 3
Flash mode : No Flash
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